Eindrücke vom Seminar in Bayreuth

Anastasiia, Soziologin an der Kyjiwer Mohyla-Akademie fasst ihre Eindrücke zum Seminar in Bayreuth zusammen:

Yea, that’s me, sitting on the floor in the seminar room in front of our German-Ukrainian work📚🇩🇪🇺🇦
What can I say about studying in Germany? It’s completely different from what we have in Ukraine. Students‘ attitude is different. Students love what they do and understand how they will use their education in the future. Here professors are trying to involve everybody in a studying processes and give students as many different opportunities as possible. You see professors who understand and support you when you try to spread your ideas, you understand their competence and you realize their interest in what you are doing.
Also students travel to Poland, Italia and soon they’ll come to Ukraine to make their projects, to experience sth new, to communicate with locals about their life, to exchange thoughts and to broaden their horizons. In Germany people have opportunities to have really interesting and unforgettable time as students (and I’m talking about non-studying life too😏) They have huge campus territory, all facilities, their own place like café, where a lot of concerts, from techno to rock music, are taking place. They have amazing canteen with food for everybody, which is absolutely amazing 🤗🤤 @uni.bayreuth is a perfect example of how educational system should work. I wish we had the same system in Ukraine.
But most of all I was surprised how interested all students were about Ukraine. They were asking questions, they were spreading their thoughts , they were completely involved in what we were trying to tell them🙌
On the boards behind me we were sharing our thoughts about future of Ukraine as well as remembering some history. Most of German students wrote that they want war in our country to end and that they want to see Ukraine in the EU🇪🇺. They sincerely wish Ukraine to become a better country with no corruption, wiser politicians and stronger economy. Fingers crossed 🤞
For those who had read till this point – you’re heroes!
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