With love from Ukraine & Germany

Anastasiia, die an der Nationalen Universität Kyjiw Mohyla-Akademie Soziologie studiert, fasst ihr Gedanken nach unserem Projekt zusammen:

This time I want to start with big big THANK YOU to Nicolai Teufel University of Bayreuth КНУБА to all who helped to make this project real but whom I may not know. We had short but amazing and very productive period of time with German students🇩🇪📚 and professors. We were able to take a look at the German studying system and participate in a studying process in Bayreuth,Germany. It was amazing, still after two weeks I’m impressed.
Hopefully German students enjoyed their time in Ukraine, cause we were trying to make it as good as possible. We were extremely happy to welcome them in Ukraine, to show them a city and to feed them with Ukrainian borsh. Already missing you and hope to see you once again in Ukraine or Germany or somewhere else in the world. Who knows, it’s such a small village, this word🌍
I’ve never thought I can do something as a sociologist for city development, but I discovered that sociologists work is very important for this field and we even made our little research going around and asking people. Omg, I have so many stories about this little research😂
So many many memories to share🙈 so many stories to tell, but for later. Now, just enjoying that aftertaste of something absolutely „delicious“ and moving to new achievements💪
Thank you one more time to every single person o ths photo. Each of you made a special input in this little life adventure 😘
From the bottom of my heart💙💛🖤💛

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